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…choose your required set of brackets for Daytona and StreetTriple to convert your bike into a #m2s bike!

 ! choose in regards to the year of your bike !


…set of mask spacers is highly recommende




  • brackets for the fairing at the engine and oil sump for Daytona and StreetTriple
  • designed for durability
  • #m2s fairing brackets are equipped with an additional mounting point for an overhead installation of the steering damper since 2024 (e.g. for Hyperpro RSC)

  • soportes para el carenado en el motor y el cárter de aceite para Daytona y StreetTriple
  • diseñado para una durabilidad
  • Los soportes de carenado #m2s están equipados deste 2024 con un punto de montaje adicional para la instalación por encima de la cabeza del amortiguador de dirección (por ejemplo, para Hyperpro RSC)

  • Haltersatz für die Hauptverkleidungsteile an Motor und Ölwanne für Daytona und StreetTriple
  • ausgelegt für Langlebigkeit
  • #m2s Verkleidungshalter sind seit 2024 mit zusätzlichem Haltepunkt zur obenliegenden Installation des Lenkungsdämpfers ausgestattet (beispielsweise für Hyperpro RSC)

Additional information

Weight 0,25 kg

each set of brackets come with the required parts for your bike (as chosen) incl. the required plug-in nuts for the brackets


…the spacer is the designed breaking point that secures the mask and the fairing stay during crashing (maximum of 8Nm torque for the allocation of the mask) – it is a hightech compount material which took us months of development to finaly get it done right!

We definitely suggest to use these spacers in order to improve your wind protection massively but also to protect your mask and the dash holder from damage during crashing since this part is designed to be the designated breaking point against excessive forces.

…the spacers are also required to generate the perfect wind protection even without using a bubble wind screen!

fairing stay

choose the fairing stay you need – the fairing stay for the bike 2013+ come with an allocation thread for the stearing damper


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